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Physical chemistry
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2015, декабря
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Scientific article

The parameters characterizing the reactivity of amines in non-radical and radical reactions which are often used in the correlation analysis are discussed. It is shown that the ionization potential of amine I correlates with the basicity of pKB, with affinity of the amine to the proton in the gas phase (PA)g, with anodic oxidation potential of amine relative to a saturated calomel electrode EP, with Svein- Scott nucleophilicity parameter n, with dipole moment , with Taft's substituent constant σ and with nitrogen charge in the molecule of amine qN. In order to express the activity of the secondary amine in the reactions with the unsaturated compounds for the first time the multi-parameter empirical correlation equation, including ionization potential of amine, its basicity, steric factor of deputy and the dipole moment, is offered

parameters of amines, amines, ionization potential, basicity, correlation, the Michael’s reaction, multi-parameter equation.

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