The foundation of any structure is most often invisible, it can’t be touched and its quality and durability can’t be correctly independently estimated. Therefore, while choosing a house the potential real estate buyer is often guided by obscure professional opinions of experts, personal pragmatic views and aesthetic feelings caused by the exterior and convenience of a possible place to live. In combination with dry and boring technical characteristics in such situation own subjective judgment of quite superficial details is often brighter, more important and determinative at decision-making. And meanwhile the foundation – a main basis – often stays out of our sight and preferences. Similarly, leaving the house every day we don’t ever look at the ground beneath our feet… We are a priori confident in the stability of the most important thing - the bearing platform, the support, the basis holding all the physical architecture of our existence.

Intellectual priorities are built in a man’s general outlook system similarly: fundamental knowledge as the most priority and significant, with the highest index of validity, is seen by the majority of people as excessively comprehensive, not interesting and not prestigious. At the same time, we are confident in this obscure knowledge most of all! Such naturally intuitive confidence of mankind in its achievements in physico-mathematical and chemical sciences is based on primordial nature of knowledge of the world around, all-round and incessant interaction of the person with material objects, and on the evolutionary status of fundamental sciences predetermining rates and quality of the social progress in many ways. Probably, such situation isn’t absolutely logically and ideologically fair. But at the same time – it is quite organically built-in into the mental structure of modern mankind. The fundamental basis of activity of global society must evolutionarily become more and more stable, predetermine social progress and steadily inspire the mankind with confidence in the future – this is the most significant thing.

Mission of the journal "GISAP: Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry" is to be one of alternative and open ways of publication of author's studies in the field of Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. It is also a source of distribution of the advanced knowledge about specificity and interaction of material objects as well as methods of mathematical examination of objective laws.

The journal is focused on publication of original creative studies of scientists from around the world based on innovative and progressive approaches of authors to problems under study. In this context "GISAP: Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry" is aimed at the greatest possible promotion of the progress in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry.

Materials with expert confirmation of high scientific quality and creative originality are published in the journal. This circumstance predetermines our intention to publish "live" materials with comprehensive author's ideas and specifics of self-expression. We publish reports capable to enrich the reader's scientific outlook with new approaches, concepts, thoughts and views on various matters of Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry.

The journal is absolutely democratic and open for social interaction. During the selection of materials for publication we don't use formal qualification-based requirements or other restrictive factors. Works of a talented student and a prominent scientist can be both published in the journal. The main selection criteria: the author's originality, novelty, literacy and scientific reasonability (together it all characterizes the "scientific value" of the report).

Original studies of representatives of various countries and cultures can be published in the magazine. At the same time to ensure availability of reports for representatives of the international scientific community (where English is a traditional mechanism of international communication) English is set as the dominating language of presentation of reports.

Main materials can be published in the journal in other widespread (acknowledged as widespread) languages of international communication and also in other languages providing their understanding for a wide range of persons. In such cases materials must be accompanied by extended summaries (abstracts) in English.

The International Academy of Science and Higher Education and the open international expert community of the GISAP project sincerely hope that the journal "GISAP: Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry" (taking into account the declared principles of its publication) will promote the development of related branches of science, mutual enrichment of national scientific schools of various countries with knowledge and experience, international ties and scientific cooperation in the field of Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry.