Working out the totals of championship in Research Analytics which carried out by IASHE in post-Soviet countries in 2011 year.

Kiev National University named by Taras Shevchenko is head-liner in rating by between section research efficiency of High Degree Schools, which was held in the frame of joint project IASHE (UK)and All-Ukrainian Academic Union.

It was told in press-conference of UNIAN by Irina Levitskaya -the manager of regional format in post-Soviet countries.
«Ratings by the quality of presented scientific articles was led up by Baku’s University, also rating in quality of these articles led up Kiev National University named by Taras Shevchenko», - she said.
According to her, 2-nd place in this rating took Baku’s National University and last, 3-rd place ,took another one Ukrainian University—Donetsk National University of Trade and Economics.
Irina Levitskaya marked that in this project were taking part High Degree Schools of all the countries of CIS and also from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Nigeria.
«National rating of High Degree Schools led up Kiev National University, then Donetsk National University of Trade and Economics and last one is National Mining University (Dnepropetrovsk)», - specified expert.
In his turn, President of All-Ukrainian Academic Union Boris Zhitnigor marked that project has his goal to find out research activity of scientists in the post-Soviet countries. «In 2012 year, we plan to integrate our part of this project with other analogical segments of European and other Continents. The project has Planetary Character. His organizers have their goal to make constant working system ,that can make allow to scientists to open their researching potential and to give to scientists from different countries all over the world possibility to know articles of each other», - he explained.
Top-manager (in regional format of post-Soviet territory) of project IASHE Viktoriya Plehanova marked that competition of research articles and contest of High Degree Schools are going in the interactive form. «Quality of presented research articles has 10 marks system, and it makes by as experts as participants of competition as well», - Viktoriya Plehanova said.
By the results of Research Analytics championship, winners got diplomas, awards and money reward . All this are coming from International Academy of Science and Higher Degree.
Organizers of project gave their rewards to authors of best research articles – to Konstantin Lazarev, Tatyana Sataeva, Vladimir Chernyk and Vladimir Bugruyev .
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