We invite you to participate in the project "Science in the side vision"

Dear participants of the GISAP project, guests of our website and everyone interested! We are happy to annouce the launch of a new project of the International Academy of Science and Higher Education. It is called "Science in the side vision".

Science is a very serious thing! Very! This sphere of life, activity and world outlook is so significant and important that often it requires.. a smile! Yes-yes, the smile, laugh, positive emotions and psychological relaxation! Science is the creativity first of all! And creativity is impossible without an inspiration! Inspiration in turn is filled with strong bursts of feelings, knowledge and talent! How come there is no smile here? A smile which can soften insurmountable problems and widen horizons of possible?

Let’s make our contribution to the enrichment of scientific process with positive thinking and optimism! Let’s smile together… While thinking of science of course!

The IASHE is a founder of the «Science in the side vision» project. Project allows everyone interested to send funny pictures or caricatures related to science, created independently or with co-authors. These will be published in the following section of the Academy website (click the text to proceed to the website). We also expect you to send us interesting ideas for us to create such pictures.

Funny pictures are to be sent to the IASHE with indication of authors of ideas and artists. 

Your pictures will be published on the website, on other websites of the IASHE (projects), on pages of the Academy in social networks and in printed matters of the Academy. Your cheerfulness and sense of humor may thus be widely distributed and may give positive emotions to many people!

Besides, there is a voting function on our website. It allows you to assess the presented pictures and participate in annual determination of winners and awardees.

Winners and awardees are defined of the basis of credits, earned for original pictures. The IASHE announces the following awards for winners of the contest of funny pictures concerning scientific subjects:

  • - 1st prize winner gets 200 €, 200 credits in the GISAP project and Golden Diploma «Smile of Socrates»;
  • - 2nd winner gets 150 €, 150 credits in the GISAP project and Silver Diploma «Smile of Socrates»;
  • - 3rd winner gets 100 €, 100 credits in the GISAP project and Bronze Diploma «Smile of Socrates».

We are waitinig for your works! Smile and achieve success in our project!