Ukrainian language and other national languages, on the application of interested of authors of scientific works, is given the status of a publication language

Recently the IASHE has been receiving numerous requests from Ukrainian scientists to be allowed to publish their reports in collections of scientific works of the International Research Analytics Project in Ukrainian.

According to the General Regulations for conducting championships (competitions) in research analytics, publication languages in the project are languages of international communication - English and Russian languages, and presentation languages used for alternative presentation of scientific works on the website are national languages of the authors. Therefore, the Ukrainian language, as well as any other national language (except for the above mentioned languages of international communication) within the project, has the status of a presentation language.

However, one of the main goals of the IASHE achieved through the implementation of the International Research Analytics Project is to promote wide promulgation of research results of authors from different countries. That is why the IASHE cannot allow the formal requirement of the Regulations to prevent interested scientists from participation in the project. Therefore, the Academy allows at the current stage of project development, as an exception to the general rule, the use of national languages (including Ukrainian) that are not languages of international communication to present reports for their publishing in collections of scientific works.

In addition to this, the persons representing their scientific works for the project in a national language which is not a language of international communication must duplicate the content of their works on the website in English or Russian language, in order to facilitate reading for international experts and the maximum possible number of interested persons.

Moreover, due to the fact that the publication in European scientific collections of reports in languages that are not languages of international communication objectively reduces the international coefficient of citation of such reports, their authors bear responsibility for the decline of presentation quality.