Top-1000 of the best European Web projects ranking according to the Alexa ranking agency

Let's become known worldwide together!

Dear Colleagues! Thank to our joint efforts, the international popularity of our project continues growing. During last several months, the website is permanently listed in the Top - 1000 Alexa rankings within EU, an authoritative daily updated European ranking of websites as one of the best European Web projects for its quotability, citation index and cross-references with other resources. To trace the dynamics of changes in ranking position of the website, please follow the link

We believe that after the intended joining of post-Soviet, European and American parts of the IASHE project "World Championship, continental, national and regional research analytics championships" in 2012, as well as due to the start of publishing of an exclusive European collection of scientific works (given British ISBN registration and nominated in the catalogues of leading European libraries), the dynamics of development of the project will be additionally accelerated.

The widening scope of international recognition of the project, in turn, not only states the positive dynamics of its development but is an incentive for its further improvement. And thus, these results are factors of personal advancement towards international renown and recognition for each participant of the project!

We sincerely wish you success in the project and everyday life!