Publication of authors’ presentation pages and author's copies of digests

Due to the amount of received requests and suggestions from authors of researches published in IASHE journals, we offer you an opportunity to place your personal presentation pages, which will precede your researches in digests of scientific works and IASHE journals. 

Each presentation page will be printed in color and contain author’s photograph, brief biographical and bibliographical information (professional resume), and information about author’s achievements in the GISAP project. An author is free to determine the content and the level of concretization of one's biographical and bibliographical data.

Presentation pages may be published in English, Russian or both languages at the same time.

Practicability of this kind of promotion (popularization) of author’s name and personal information arises from the fact that IASHE publications are included in funds and catalogs of leading libraries of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Northern Ireland; purchased by universities and public libraries of Germany, France, and other European countries; spread across an international bookstore chain (in particular - «Amazon», «Blackwell», «Ingram»); indexed in scientometric databases.

Presentation pages correspond to the format of a standard page of a relevant publication and may have one of the following states determined according to the size of their publication:

  1. Local presentation pages are published only in those digests, which are ordered by an author;
  2. Vector presentation pages are published only in those copies of a digest, which are ordered by an author and are a subject to a mandatory European distribution;
  3. Full circulation presentation pages are published in all copies of a relevant publication.


Presentation page general structure (example)

The cost of a presentation pages publication and related services

Types of Pages

Publication in a digest

Publication in a journal

English Translation

Custom design

Local presentation pages

20 EUR (not more than 3 copies) + 3 EUR for each extra copy

30 EUR

10 EUR

10 EUR

Vector presentation pages

50 EUR

60 EUR

10 EUR

10 EUR

Full circulation presentation pages

100 EUR

110 EUR

10 EUR

10 EUR

Along with the publication of presentation pages, IASHE also offers an additional opportunity of a prestigious personification of your publications through an acquisition of author's copies of digests, which contain your researches.

The author's copy includes an additional publication:

  1. on a front cover: an inscription "The author's copy of Ivan Ivanov ";
  2. on the back cover : an inscription, such as "The author's copy of Ivan Ivanov ", a portrait of an author, a profound statement of an author ( of one’s choice ), and two or three fragments of the most striking comments to the author’s papers in a framework of the GISAP project;
  3. the work itself is published on specially decorated pages;
  4. additional information in the author's copy of the publication placed either in English or Russian language.

Also, in the author's copy of the publication the title page is followed by a recommendatory and gift page, divided into two parts: the first part contains the recommendation of the author by the IASHE governance (London, UK), and the second part is for an author’s dedicatory inscription to an addressed person.

Recommendatory presentation to the author is given both in English and Russian languages, and has the following standard content:

 "Hereby the Presidium of the International Academy of Science and Higher Education (IASHE; London, UK), based on the experience of their cooperation with the analyst specified below, has an honor to present and recommend Ivan Ivanov to all interested parties as a progressive and extraordinary thinking scientist, an author of innovative researches, as well a high-level specialist, consistent and dedicated professional. IASHE expresses a hope that the thinker, who undoubtedly makes his/her contribution to the development of international science, will continue to faithfully serve the cause of improving and expanding the boundaries of human knowledge.

______ __, 2014
London, United Kingdom

Director General,
Head of the IASHE International projects Department 
Thomas Morgan

Author's copy of the digest (cover example)

Publication cost of one copy of an author’s digest:  

Author’s copy of a digest

Author’s copy of a journal

English translation

80 EUR

90 EUR

10 EUR