Preferential publication of author's monographs

Dear participants of the GISAP project! 

Summing up the results of this year and taking into account the relevant inquiries of the interested persons, the IASHE announces the opportunity of publication scientific monographs by winners, awardees and active participants of scientific-analytics championships on preferential terms during last months of 2013 and the first half of 2014. Preferential terms: the price for the edition will entirely correspond to its actual cost; the authors will be able to use the nominal amounts of prize-winning certificates to pay for the publication.

Also for the specified period the main requirements to author's materials are simplified a little. These preferential requirements are:

  • 1) High scientific quality of the research;
  • 2) Originality and innovation of the research;
  • 3) The research must be accompanied by reviews of not less than two authoritative experts from the author’s country of origin;
  • 4) The research must be accompanied by the recommendation of any authoritative scientific community of the corresponding specialization (the chair, faculty, educational institution, scientific organization, academy, etc.).

If the research includes the summary in good English with the indication of its innovative component the IASHE will provide the foreign review of the author's material.

The material can be published in any language that doesn't exclude a possibility of professional editing and reviewing of author's research. In case if the main material of the monograph is presented not in English, the comprehensive summary in English must be published in the edition.

Jurisdiction of editions: United Kingdom (ISBN).

Status of editions: reviewed scientific research (monograph).

The edition will be subject to the obligatory mailing to the leading libraries of England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Yours faithfully and with best regards, the IASHE.