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Physical chemistry
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2016, April
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Scientific article

The composition of interstellar clouds revealed the presence of 200 different molecules and particles, most of which are organic in natur, being integral elements of oil. It is shown that the interstellar medium consists of interstellar gas, dust, interstellar magnetic fields, cosmic rays, and dark matter. Interstellar dust contains water ice, silicates, graphite, olivine, oxides and sulfides of metals. On the top it is covered by the shell of the frozen gas. Temperature of dust in the interstellar space is around 10-20K. It is demonstrated that at low temperatures the organic substances are formed on the surface of dust particles many times faster than at the room temperature. It is discussed that the cause of acceleration at low temperatures for gas phase reactions is the quantum tunneling, while for solid-state reactions -mechanism such as a traveling wave phenomena.

organic matter, space, interstellar medium, interstellar dust, cryochemistry, reaction mechanism, tunneling effect, the traveling wave phenomenon

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