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Analytical chemistry
Mounth / Year: 
2014, December
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Type of the article: 
Scientific article

The kinetics of reaction between water-soluble N-[three(hydroxymethyl)methyl)acrylamide(TA) and oil-soluble decylamine (DA) in double-phase water-heptane system in the absence and presence of surfactant is studied as a “water-oil” model. It is shown that with increasing interfacial surface and mixing rate the rate of reaction also increases. It is established that the product of TA+DA reaction doesn’t dissolve in water and in heptane. During the reaction with the increasing product’s concentration at the slow mixing rate the product distributes between water and heptane. This is the “chemical sandwich” and the product of reaction has the fractal structure.

oil, water, transformation, inverse inter-phase catalysis, surfactant, amines, solvent, kinetics, chemical sandwich, fractal.

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