The IASHE official appeal

Dear colleagues, We can state that at this point all programs of the GISAP project initiated by the International Academy of Science and Higher Education have been fully tested. Our innovative scientific and educational programs have successfully proven to be unique and effective. Initiatives of the Academy are a modern and practical answer to the social need for availability, inclusiveness, diversity, efficiency, and continuity of educational and scientific processes. A brand new creative (or analytical, as we call it) format of implementation of scientific and educational programs, which assumes the elements of competition and professional international appraisal of quality and originality of the authors’ scientific studies, is our unique contribution to the methodology of effective acquisition and improvement of knowledge.

We have come to the point where further development of any initiatives requires additional resources and funding. Our aim was to create the open, accessible, and professional platform, which would provide all progressively thinking individuals and analysts from around the world with the chance to improve their educational qualification, realize their scientific potential, share their innovative ideas with their colleagues, and take part in the field-specific programs of international cooperation. There are all the grounds to say that in its operations the IASHE has successfully managed to fight the unreasonable formalism, destructive bureaucracy and discrimination, as well as all kinds of elements of corruption. We have managed to emphasize pure knowledge, creativity and scientific innovations.

The All-Ukrainian Academic Union has been the administrator of the GISAP project for 6 years now. We are sincerely grateful to this partner organization for constantly high quality and large scale of work related to implementation and distribution of initiatives of the Academy. However, the insufficiency of funds and obvious geographical and language affiliation of the All-Ukrainian Academic Union have negatively affected the gradual international development of the project.

In this regard the IASHE is going to involve new effective partners and investors in realization of the GISAP project in the nearest future. With their assistance we are going to expand the geography and improve the efficiency of the project.

That’s why starting from November 1, 2017, the activities of the GISAP project will be temporarily suspended until we finish rebuilding the project management system and the system of our programs within the project.

We are sincerely grateful to all of you for being with us for all these years. We hope that our initiatives have positively affected the realization of your professional aspirations.

We will do our best to make the GISAP project better and bigger. Soon we will come back and our partnership will develop in a new format. In any case we are always ready to receive any kinds of cooperation proposals. The Academy will still be able to publish collections of scientific papers (collective monographs – proceedings of authoritative scientific events), as well as the scientific journals and original monographs of individual authors.

Federations of scientific analytics of all levels, established by the IASHE, will also remain active. If any persons concerned are willing to establish new territorial Federations, we will be happy to discuss this possibility.

Just like before, all inquiries and proposals should be sent via email:,

We would be happy to receive letters from potential partners, investors, and administrators of scientific and analytical programs.

Thank you for all your progressive work. Kind regards, International Academy of Science and Higher Education (IASHE; London, UK)