The Bonus Partnership Program is the special mechanism of mutually beneficial cooperation between the participant of the GISAP project and the IASHE. This mechanism assumes the following procedure of awarding of persons attracting new researchers to participation in the project:

1. All new participants of the GISAP (taking part in the project for the first time), as well as other scientific, educational and publication-related projects of the IASHE, brought by other participants of the project (with at least one participation in its events) has the right to indicate the surname of the inviting person in their registration questionnaires;

2. The inviting person will receive a reward - 10% of the sum paid by the new participant of the indicated projects (excluding the cost of postal services).

3. Bonuses are added to the "partner's wallet" of the rewarded person. They may be accumulated and freely used in the following ways:

a) Payment for own participation in projects of the IASHE;

b) Payment for participation of the third person in projects of the IASHE;

c) Receiving money.

4. The awarded person independently selects ways and the mode of using bonuses earned. Such person informs managers of the IASHE concerning his or her decisions.

5. Bonuses are added to the "partner's wallet" within three calendar days from the receipt of the corresponding funds in the IASHE.

6. If the rewarded person decides to receive money added to his or her "partner's wallet", such decision is implemented by the IASHE during five calendar days from the moment of informing of the IASHE managers.

7. Actual funds added to the "partner's wallet" may be transferred to the rewarded person using the bank transfer, cash remittance or any other available methods coordinated by the awarded person and the IASHE. The amount of money subject to one-time transfer to the awarded person must not be less than 75.0 USD.

8. The cost of services of banks and other financial organizations connected with the transfer of money added to the "partner's wallet" of the rewarded person is paid from the indicated amounts by the receiver.

9. Due to implementation of the Bonus Partnership Program other mechanisms of awarding for partners of the IASHE connected with involvement of new participants to the Academy projects, are calculated taking into account awards actually paid in accordance with the present program.