Attention! Contest!

The IASHE announces an international contest of original scientific reports (articles) aimed at detection of high-quality innovative works and their free international promulgation through publication in British printed editions.

Authoritative international experts of the IASHE from around the world perform the assessment of quality and contents of scientific reports.

The contest provides progressive researchers and innovators with the chance to demonstrate their scientific creativity, knowledge and analytical skills regardless of their age, sphere of activity and location.

Participation in the contest is a significant step on the way to the researcher's qualification acknowledgment by the international scientific community.

Contest dates:

December 15, 2014 - June 15, 2015

Contest Terms & Conditions:

- the report must disclose an urgent problem of the modern science

- language of participation is English.

In own report participant of the contest must emphasize main innovative ideas of own research and prove their relevancy in matters of development of science and the public practice.

Technical requirements:

- Size of the article including images and tables: 2 to 7 pages of printed text;

- Margins (right, left, top, bottom): 20 mm each;

- Font: Times New Roman;

- Font size: 12 pt;

- Line-to-line spacing: 1,5;

- Text alignment: justified (no hyphenation and tabbing allowed, only one space between words);

- First line indent (i.e. indention) - 10 mm;

- Abbreviation is not allowed (except for the generally accepted abbreviations of mathematical indexes, measures, terms etc.);

- Every image must be sent in the separate file (*.jpg) to the email:;

- Schemes, graphs, diagrams, formulas and tables must be composed directly in the text editor and allocated strictly within borders of the above-mentioned page size.

Every report must be supplemented with the participant's questionnaire including full name and surname, as well as information about the participant's scientific activity and contacts.

Works must be sent to the following email:

Reports will be assessed by authoritative international experts of the Academy engaged in professional researches in different branches of science. Results of assessment of quality of scientific studies are unappealable.

Competition awards:

Participants reaching the prize-winning places will receive:

- grants to be spent on publication of own scientific reports in journals and collections with British ISBNs;

- certificates of winners;

- automatic membership in the National Team of the Federation of the country represented by the participant;

- free copy of the collection of participants' works.

Authors of best reports will receive additional grants to be spent on publication of such reports in specialized scientific journals of the IASHE with British ISSNs.

The following persons can't participate:

- current members of National Research Analytics Federations of the IASHE;

- persons who have already participated in scientific events of the International Academy of Science and Higher Education including the scientific project GISAP;

Results of the contest will be announced on June 27, 2015 on the official website of the Academy (