Dear friends!

The British publishing house has published the monograph “The Interface Theory of Word Meaning: Psycholinguistic Approach” (ISBN 978-1-909137-44-8, paperback) written by one of the most authoritative members of our project - Alexandra Zalevskaya. Dr. Zalevskaya had shown brilliant achievements in research analytics championships of the GISAP project and had won monetary prizes she was able to use to pay for the publication of the book.


Apart from the agreed volume of author's copies mailed to Alexandra Zalevskaya, according to the publishing agreement the edition is sent to the biggest public and university libraries of the United Kingdom and a number of Western European countries. The monograph is also be quoted in international literary agencies such as «Amazon», «Blackwell» and «Ingram».

The official centralized request for the monograph has been received from the state UK depositing organizations – the British Library and the ALDL.

On behalf of all the participants of the GISAP project the IASHE sincerely congratulates Alexandra Zalevskaya on the international publication and distribution of her scientific work. We wish a well-known researcher further scientific success, creative longevity, health and welfare! We are proud to cooperate with you!

Warm regards, The IASHE Presidium