The active participation of university academics in international scientific conferences determines the image, prestige and international rating of institutions they represent

All possible attempts of higher education institutions from post-Soviet states to prove their functional capability and achieve wide recognition in the international arena remain, as a rule, futile. This has a huge number of objective reasons, but one of the most important of them is the very low level of "mentioning" national universities and citation of scientific publications of their academics in the international media sources.

Thus, academics of universities from post-Soviet states actively participating in international conferences make a significant contribution not only to increasing the international prestige and recognition of the scientists themselves, but also in forming a positive international image and "rating progress" of institutions they represent.

We offer you an analytical article of the Information Agency "UNIAN" (Kiev, Ukraine), on the peripeteias and challenges of universities from post-Soviet states figuring in international education rankings (the material is presented in Ukrainian):