2015: Innovative abstracts and the status of the IASHE Speaker

Dear participants of the GISAP project! 

In 2015 the IASHE intends to pay special attention to status development of short forms of scientific works – the innovative abstracts of scientific researches and of their authors' prestigiousness.

High-quality summaries of scientific researches in English will give considerable opportunities and advantages to their authors next year!

Following the results of the GISAP project implementation the innovative summaries of three best scientific researches presented for participation in championships in scientific analytics of various branches in English will be picked up every month. Such works will be defined on the basis of highest marks according to the rules of the GISAP project. On condition that summaries of the corresponding laureates researches won't have the high level of (1) originality, (2) knowledge intensity, (3) novelty and (4) informational content, instead of them similar mini-works of necessary quality of other authors will be included in the list of the allocated summaries. As a result, the best innovative summaries of every month will be determined on the basis of two indicators: 1) connection of the innovative summary with the most high-quality scientific researches of the month; 2) own scientific and information quality of the summary.

Authors of the best summaries will be announced as: The speaker, 1st Vice-speaker and 2nd Vice-speaker of the International scientific and analytical community represented by the World federation of scientific analytics in the corresponding month. The specified winners will be announced by the "Credentials of the Speaker" (with the enclosure - "Innovative note of the corresponding year") and will be marked in the corresponding quality in all collections of scientific works, scientific magazines and the monographs published by the IASHE in the corresponding month.

Starting from 2015, persons who receive the status of the Speaker of the International scientific and analytical community of any level the greatest number of times within the fiscal year, but not less than three times, can apply for the Diploma and a medal of a Speaker of the corresponding year, prize credits and monetary prizes. In particular, the Speaker following the results of  year gets 500 credit points and the monetary certificate with a principal value of 300 euros;  1st Vice speaker – 350 credit points and the monetary certificate, with a principal value of 200 euros;  2nd Vice speaker – 200 credit points and the monetary certificate, with a principal value of 100 euros.

Following the results of the year Speakers are determined in system of assessment of their achievements (in points) monthly, taking into account the following assessment of their Speakers' statuses in separate months: The Speaker – 3 points; 1st Vice speaker – 2 points; 2nd Vice speaker – 3 points.

The same persons - Speakers will be the central figures of the information interaction of the IASHE and the GISAP project  with the most authoritative international and national organizations in every next month.

In particular, innovative summaries of Speakers and their photos with short descriptive summaries of the GISAP project and the corresponding address of the IASHE will be sent to 50 largest and the most authoritative international and national organizations dealing with problems of science and educationmonthly in a form of "an innovative note" (a local format of the addressee notification about GISAP project development in the form of an exclusive information publication).

Yours faithfully and the best regards,