Within the framework of the GISAP project events the Presidium of the International Academy of Science and Higher Education (IASHE; London, United Kingdom) has established the "Memorial principle" in commemorating outstanding scientists, who have made significant contributions into the development of the world science, by the decision № 1790/g-15 of February 01, 2015.

In this regard starting from the February 12, 2015 every planned event (stages of scientific-analytical championships and international conferences) of the GISAP project will be devoted to the memory of one of the great thinkers of the humanity, and will receive the status of his or her nominal memorial. In certain cases the IASHE reserves the right to devote two or more planned events to the memory of one outstanding scientist.

Names of honored scientists are announced by the scientific Council of the IASHE in advance - while distributing information about the planned events.

The memorial nature of organized events is indicated in editions, official information, press releases of the IASHE and personal documents given to participants of events. Covers of collections of scientific reports and journals of the IASHE published following the results of organized events, will contain stylized portraits of the corresponding figurants of memorials.